App Of The Day: Is It Ready Yet?

No one wants to be coughing up turkey dust after eating your dry-as-a-bone Christmas bird. I know, I know, you cooked it in a bag and used your favourite aunt's recipe that she swears that she only shared with you. So how could it go wrong?

Maybe the one-size-fits-all cooking time and temperature that was printed on the bird's packaging was the culprit. No amount of basting will keep an over-cooked bird moist. Is It Ready? recognises the overcooked meat dilemma. And solves it.

What's it do?

Enter the weight of your turkey, or any meat you plan on cooking, and the app will give you the appropriate cooking time and temperature. If you're cooking red meat, it'll return options for rare to well done. A pox on those that choose well done.

The app has 23 different meaty choices for your carnivorous lifestyle. Beef choices include: rib roasts (bone in and boneless), rump roast, tenderloin and top sirloin roasts. For lovers of swine: loin roasts (bone in and boneless), crown roast and various ham types. And of course since it's time to pop Tom Turkey in the oven, poultry: turkey, chicken, duck and cornish hen. Meatastic!

Why do we like it?

The app does one thing great. Gives you the correct time and temperature you should use to cook a piece of meat. That's it, that's all. But it can mean the difference between food nirvana and a tough piece of meat that ends up in the dog bowl. While the in-app timer allows for multiple meats to be cooked at the same time, you can't see the timer after you've set it. A bummer when you're trying to coordinate a large meal. I'll just use my kitchen timer.

Is it Ready Yet?

Download this app for:

The Best

Edible meat

The Worst

In-app timer is nearly worthless

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