Huge Day Of App Deals: iPhone, iPad, Android, WP7

Huge Day Of App Deals: iPhone, iPad, Android, WP7

Today’s app deals of the day is HUGE. Gameloft are having a huge iOS sale, get the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard on your Android phone, a to-do app discounted for Windows Phone 7, plus so much more. Get ’em quick before the deals expire.


Jungle Crash Land for free (normally $0.99)
Rolling Kongs for free (normally $0.99)
Wyse PocketCloud (Remote Desktop) for free (normally $0.99)
Transphotos for free (normally $2.99)
Mugtuk Monsters for free (normally $1.99)
Veggie Samurai: Uprising for free (normally $0.99)
Puzzle Quizzes Deluxe for free (normally $2.99)
Dizzy Ball for free (normally $0.99)
Apache Overkill for free (normally $0.99)
Zombiematic Camera for free (normally $0.99)
WordSurge for free (normally $2.99)
Mini Wars for free (normally $1.99)
aTimeLogger for free (normally $4.49)
Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig) for free (normally $0.99)
Assassin’s Creed – Altaïr’s Chronicles for $0.99 (normally $5.49)
PhotoToaster for $0.99 (normally $1.99)
Sacred Odyssey – Rise of Ayden for $0.99 (normally $7.49)
Eternal Legacy for $0.99 (normally $5.49)
Silent Ops for $0.99 (normally $7.49)
BackStab for $0.99 (normally $7.49)
Spider-Man: Total Mayhem for $0.99 (normally $7.49)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 for $0.99 (normally $2.99)
Fara for $0.99 (normally $2.99)
Gesundheit! for $0.99 (normally $1.99)
Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory for $2.99 (normally $5.49)
Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD for $0.99 (normally $5.49)
Infinity Blade for $2.99 (normally $6.49)
Grocery Gadget – Shopping List for $2.99 (normally $4.49)
Riptide GP for $0.99 (normally $2.99)

iPad Only

Fishdom: Thanksgiving Splash HD for free (normally $5.49)
Starfront: Collision HD for $0.99 (normally $7.49)
Eternal Legacy HD for $0.99 (normally $5.49)
Gesundheit! HD for $0.99 (normally $2.99)
BANG! [HD] the Official Video Game for $1.99 (normally $6.49)
Sketch Rolls for $0.99 (normally $5.49)
Labyrinth Game HD for $0.99 (normally $5.49)


Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard for free
QwikList Voice Free for free (normally $1.86)
Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF) for $10.18 (normally $14.04)
Mobile Observatory Pro for $3.99 (normally $5.34)
Back Talk for $1 (normally $1.86)
Ms. PAC-MAN by Namco for $3.94 (normally $4.67)
Pinball Ride for $0.99 (normally $1.92)
GPP Remote Control for $1 (normally $2.81)
New Eskimo Tower Defense FULL for $1.99 (normally $2.19)
Txtract MMS & SMS Backup for $3 (normally $3.27)

Windows Phone 7

How to Knot a Tie for free
GPS Suite for free
xkcd archives for free
xkcd archives for free
Enigmo for $2.49
Pixel Blocked! for $2.49
GoGetter for $2.49
GOLF for $0.99
Color Island for $1.99
Crazy Horses for $0.99
Toy Xylophone for $0.99
Cloud Blaster + for $0.99

App Deals of the Day is a daily roundup of discounted apps. Know of any other app deals? Are you a developer and want your app included? Email me at [email protected].