Analogue Animated GIF Player Just Secured A Place On My Wall

It looks like Santa got the letter I sent that asked for an animated GIF of a kitten nodding off that I can hang on my wall. Animated kittens and crafts, always a winning combination.

At this year's Animated GIF Exhibition (Yeah, I had no idea this was a real thing either), Peiterjan Grandy created a wall-mounted GIF player. The player houses a disc with images printed on transparencies. As the disc spins, the images appear to move. It's just like the animated GIFs you've come to know and love that litter the internet, but in real life.

The device Peiterjan built is called a phenakistiscope. Invented in 1832 by Jozeph Plateau, the player was the looping precursor to the movies. Fortunately, Plateau never tried to make a 3D version and charge more to see the same images. [Crap = Good via Geekosystem]

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