Xbox Live Getting iView and SBS On Demand

Gamers rejoice — now you'll be able to wind down inbetween sessions of Gears Of War 3 with a few tasty episodes of Gruen Planet or Rockwiz thanks to a new agreement that'll see ABC iView and SBS On Demand become part of the Xbox Live offering.

More: It’s Official: Xbox 360 Gets TV (In Australia Too!) [Kotaku Australia]

Don't get too excited about that screenshot though; it's all Microsoft's got to illustrate the TV concept for now. It's part of a global rollout of TV services that covers some 40 television partner channels worldwide, but all we get is two of them in terms of digital channels. We'll also get YouTube, Crackle and The Daily Motion, along with the already available Foxtel On Xbox Live offering. Foxtel seems to be doing OK on Xbox 360, with the official release quoting Microsoft's David McLean as saying:

We have seen success with FOXTEL on Xbox 360 to date with more than 215,000 downloads of the application and expect that Australians will welcome the additional content that ABC iview and SBS ON DEMAND brings.'

The services are due 'in the coming months' according to the release, and may coincide with the launch of Kinect voice control for Australians. Yes, we're still waiting for Kinect voice control.

Overall, I'm a little conflicted by this one. On the one hand, anything that expands my entertainment options has to be a good thing, right? On the other hand, generally when I switch on my 360, it's specifically because I've got gaming in mind, and it's not as though I'm lacking for sources to watch iView and SBS On Demand — and some of those sources don't count towards my download quota either. What's your take on adding more TV to Xbox 360? [Major Nelson]

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    I think it's awesome :)

    ABC has some really good stuff, especially for young kids, and YouTube is a big win.

    This is great news :D

    Means I wont need to run my PS3 to watch iview any more :)

    Now it will be interesting to see how they display the content with the UI for Xbox.

    Will make the Ms happy as well :)

    Do you mean Gruen Transfer?

      They've had a name change to go with expanded subject matter.. not just ads now. Branding, PR, spin.. all those aspects of communication prone to BS.

    No, he means Gruen Planet. I all ready have iView and 7Plus on my LG cinema smart TV. Though I think it's good the Microsoft has finally taken the step of including features for Australia.

    great news, I'd pay for Foxtel on 360 if they had more than one sports channel (pretty much the ones they have on cable), its all I'd want Foxtel for

    YOu guys also forgot to mention that there will be an accompanying Windows Phone 7 XBOX App that will allow you to browse the XBOX Marketplace on your phone handset, choose contact (get info on it like cast etc) and then select it to play on your XBOX.

    Then, the App works as a remote control for your console while the content is playing.

    More info here:



      I hope they really dont just stick to a winmo7 app, and make a iOS and Android app as well.

    Our Xbox is now primarily used as a media centre, as my partner doesn't like any of the games, but loves watching old US TV series I download. This will be the best argument yet to buy my 12 month gold subscription...

    iView is unmetered for me (iiNet yay!) so it's a choice between accessing it on my PS3 or XBox if I want it on my TV (and, of course I do).

    YouTube on PS3 is, well, shit. If MS has a better way to browse YouTube and catch up on my subscriptions, XBox will definitely get turned on more often than PS3 'round my place.

    I would love this content on my Xbox ONLY if I don't have to pay for Xbox Live Gold.

    Offer this with Silver membership and I say well done M$.

    Buy gold from ebay, 12 months for $35

    Dear god you can't be that cheap.

    This upcoming Xbox 360 television service has gained a major fillip with the news that Microsoft has signed nearly 40 major content and operator partners around the world for the service -

    Only Probablem Is That In Our Part Of Australia Foxtel Isn't Avliable we only get Austra!! Microsoft Need To Add Austar To The 360 Other Wise We Arn't Really Getting The Full Benifit!! They Could Add Channels 9,7 and ten TOO!!!
    Ah Well!

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