Who Doesn’t Want To Play With Android Apps On Windows?

Who Doesn’t Want To Play With Android Apps On Windows?

Bluestacks has launched an alpha test version of its App Player software, which integrates Android support right into Windows. You can have Android apps on your desktop right now, for free. Any takers? Anyone at all?

We are currently playing Bebbled at 1680×1050 resolution, which is easily one of the more pointless activities we’ve indulged in this year, but there you go. Installing the 117MB PC app creates a Windows Gadget on your desktop, which pops out into a listing of available Android apps.

There’s no Android Market support within the App Player software itself, but Bluestacks has provided its own Apps Channel as part of the desktop App Player. This opens a web browser with a very limited selection (31 at the moment) of additional apps and games to install to PC.

However, the company has also launched an accompanying app it calls Cloud Connect on the Android Market, which sits on your mobile and lets you send apps to your PC from your phone, using a PIN number to verify connections. That way you can seamlessly send every app currently on your phone to PC.

And it totally works, very well. Now we just need to think of a mobile app we actually want to use on a desktop PC. It shouldn’t be this hard, thinking of one? [Bluestacks via Gizmodo UK]