White iPod Touch Is The iPod You Need, Not Deserve

If you've been chomping at the bit to get your grubby mitts all over the new white version of the iPod touch, they're now available for purchase, or just poking, at Apple Retail Stores.

Announced at Apple's 'Let's Talk iPhone' event last week, the white version of the 4th generation iPod touch doesn't bring a lot of new features to the table, save for that gleaming white visage. It does come with iOS 5 pre-installed, saving you the hassle of downloading it along with the rest of the world. And as a reminder, you're looking at $219 for the 8GB model, $329 for the 32GB and $439 for the 64GB. [iLounge via Cult of Mac]


    If it wasn't for this handy-dandy new Galaxy SII, I would definitely be buying the iPod Touch as an upgrade to my iPod Touch 3. Even before the new model, I wanted to upgrade to get the camera.. I am not really impressed by iTunes.. it's annoying, to put it politely, but the iPod Touch is a really great device.

    its "champing at the bit" ...

    Sorry, the mistake of using "chomping" is one of my pet peeves. White iPod Touch looks good! What sort of power does it pack?

      Your pet peeve is unjustified, it's just so pedantic of you to assume they had it wrong when in fact "chomping at the bit" is a variation used.


      Get a life and stick to the topic rather than trying to sound more intelligent than you actually are. Makes you look stupid as you actually are.

    "White iPod Touch Is The iPod You Need, Not Deserve"
    You need it because it's completely different to the previous iterations you already own: it's white.

    And now with the ridiculously low amount of stock that Apple provide to their resellers (big $$$ for them, I guess) we're now going to be selling the wrong fucking colour half the time a customer wants one.

    Will the white one sell better?

      yep. and the red ones go faster.

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