Week Four: The Persecution of Rommy Gulla

Week Four: The Persecution of Rommy Gulla

Featuring the new Panasonic BWT800 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder

OK, here’s the story. Three or so weeks ago the clever people at Panasonic released their new BWT 800 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder with enormous 1 Terabyte hard drive. A hard drive so huge you can expect a full 28 days (or 684 hours) of high def recording and playback (In HM mode only). So to demonstrate just how long 28 days really can be, they’ve been making 28 days of a bloke called Rommy Gulla’s life, the longest and most annoying he’ll ever experience.

Sound like fun? Well if your names not Rommy Gulla then absolutely it does! Because over the past weeks poor Rommy’s had an absolute nightmare of a time. He’s been assaulted by gun toting SWAT members, cockroaches and yoga balls. He’s been tarred and feathered, electrocuted and publicly humiliated. He’s been frightened half to death by snakes, had his beloved car all but destroyed, and, on more than one occasion, had some fairly unfortunate bathroom experiences.

So what’s next for Rommy? Well it’s not over yet that’s for sure, there’s still plenty of pranks to be pulled and prizes to be won including a Panasonic Home Theatre Package, Panasonic Full HD Tough Mobile Cameras, Panasonic Noise Cancelling Headphones, Panasonic Micro High Fi Systems, and of course, the amazing new BWT 800 Blu Ray Disc Recorders!!. So don’t miss out, visit facebook.com/Panasonic or the Panasonic website, check out the New BWT800, and all its other fancy features (plus the last three weeks persecutions if you’ve missed them) then maybe click on Support Rommy and give him a hug. Because let’s face it, after the past three weeks he could probably do with a little love right now.

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