Vodafone iPhone 4S Prices Released Also [Updated]

Vodafone iPhone 4S Prices Released Also [Updated]

Something tells me an embargo’s been lifted; Vodafone’s just released its pricing for iPhone 4S, and we’ve got all the details after the jump.

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This one’s odd. I happened past the Vodafone site searching for something else, and idly clicked through the iPhone 4S order page, which then (to my surprise) bought up a page of contract offers. One refresh later, they were gone, and clicking through the “buy now” option now just gave me an error page. I figured they were either mis-stated or perhaps old iPhone 4 pricing figures, and continued other research.

Then when doing so, the offers came up again. This time my screenshot grabbing finger was primed to go. That’s what I originally had up here, but then, because he does this kind of thing very well indeed, Gus at Lifehacker compiled it all into a handy table, which you can find below. Of interest, Optus has an edge both in total contract cost and the fact that it looks like Vodafone isn’t interested in anything but two year locked in customers. In terms of the big players, all we’re waiting on now is Telstra.

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