Vodafone Confirms No iPhone 4S Midnight Launch

Fancy lining up in the wee small hours of the night in order to be the first to score an iPhone 4S? Looks like you're in for disappointment; Vodafone's just confirmed with me that there won't be a midnight iPhone 4S launch. More: - Optus Releases iPhone 4S Pricing - Vodafone iPhone 4S Prices Released Also - Apple iPhone 4S: Everything You Need To Know

Australians will still be the first in the world to get the iPhone 4S -- presuming nobody jumps the gun and sells one early 'accidentally' -- but it won't be at quite such a large margin as it has previously. Vodafone tells me that they'll be selling the phone from 8am on Friday 14th, but not before. It's a fair guess that the other vendors will follow suit, or may indeed have been instructed by Apple to do so; I'm waiting for responses from Optus and Telstra, but I wouldn't hold out hope if I were you.


    Whats the point in lining up early for this one? Its the same as the old one.

      It looks the same but the internals are very different. A much faster processor and much better camera is pretty much what the 3GS had over the 3G.

        This is true, but I can understand anticipating a brand new designed phone, but imo most people that line up are in it for the status symbol. And internals don't make much of a statement.

        Well said :)

        WOOOOO I have stuffed the internals of my Galaxy S2 into my old Iphone 4 and it suddenly has the same features of the 4S, and then some! Although it lacks an asshole, because despite what they say, not every one has one, a iphone that is.

      It's different to the old one.

    Last year Vodaphone, 3 and Apple Stores did the usual 8am open time for the iPhone 4 launch, but Telstra and Optus both had midnight launches at their flagship stores (other smaller stores opened up at 8am but only had 2-3 units of each model)

      Nope, Vodafone (at least in Sydney) did a midnight launch too -- in an 3 store, for what that's worth!

      Apple, though, only opened the day after. Just before midnight, a small queue formed.. and got to watch people over the road buying iPhones from Telstra. Odd scenes.

        We call them Multi Brand stores Alex, not 3 Stores :P

          Not back then, they didn't :P

            I'll trust you on that one, I can't remember when we made the switch internally lol.

    Oh grow up you guys. I think the phone I chose falls under freedom of experssion. It's my money and I'll be the one using. You can express your opinions but why does it always have explode into a huge pointless debate over which mobile platform is better? I'm tired of going online, on youtube or my favourite tech sites and instead of seeing interesting comments there's huge debate over PS3 vs. Xbox (sorry Nintendo), Android vs. iPhone, Macs vs. PCs.What I chose is of my own will, my freedom of expression. Nothing you can see will chnage my mind and then people will get start getting offended and start outright insulting each other...Grow the hell up.

      Did you post this in the wrong thread? :-)

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