Two-Year-Old Saves Mum's Life By Making A Phone Call

Lia Vega, a two-year-old girl, has been pretending to be a real-life superhero by cutely wearing a towel as a cape. Why? Because she saved her mum's life by making a phone call no one knew she knew how to do.

Lia's mum, Larissa Taylor, had collapsed one night while washing Lia's bottle and the only people home were Lia and Lia's little sister. Instead of panicking, or crying, or ignoring or misunderstanding the situation, Lia smartened up. She picked up her mum's mobile phone and called her grandma. According to her grandma, Lia said:

"She said, 'My mum fell down,'" Gonzalez told KTRK. "I said, 'Let me talk to your mum.' And she said, 'She won't wake up.'"

Knowing something was wrong, Lia's grandma rushed over and called 911. Turns out, Lia's mother was diabetic (she didn't know) and that Lia saved her life — she got the medical attention she needed. What's more amazing is that Lia had never learned how to use a cell phone before and both mother and grandma assume she just picked it up by watching them use it. Kids are so good with technology these days! [ABC News]

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