Track Your Workout With Garmin's 910XT GPS Watch

Garmin's line of GPS watches record just about everything you could want to know about your workouts on land. The Garmin Forerunner 910xt is for athletes who want to make a splash in the pool.

Unlike Garmin's last waterproof watch the new Forerunner 910xt does more than just get in the pool — it follows your every motion while you're in there. The watch records your stroke count, stroke rate, pool lengths, and even knows what stroke you're doing — useful if in a single training session you're going to switch between several different strokes. Like its landlubbing cousin, the 910xt records speed, distance, heart rate and elevation. Upload the data to Garmin Connect, and you'll see an activity map and more detailed metrics. Whew! You'll get winded just thinking about your future workouts. The Forerunner 910xt will be available next week for $US400. [Garmin via Mobile Magazine]

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