This Motorised Big Wheel Looks All Sorts Of Deadly

Do you have more money than sense? Really? Fantastic! That qualifies you to purchase this 60hp, three-wheeled contraption from Hammacher Schlemmer for a mere $US75,000.

Dubbed the Lean Mean Green Machine, this 2.7m long, gas-powered tricycle sports a fixed 45-inch front wheel with the rear wheels controlling the steering via two handheld levers. Gear changes are controlled by a foot pedal. An air-cooled, 80cc Harley-Davidson Evo engine propels the Machine up to 80km/h while its 32-litre tank gives it a range of roughly 640km, though I really doubt this thing is even remotely street legal.

[Hammacher Schlemmer via Gadget Review]


    I think you might want to check that 80cc out, if an 80cc engine is producing 60hp I think that might be more interesting then the Big Wheel. Try 80ci.

    Just another one of the many definitions of 'Pointless'.

    It would work better the other way around I think, with the two wheels on the front and the single wheel on at the back it provides better stability.

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