This Canvas-Defying Art Is The Only Glasses Free 3D Effect I Want To See

At its best it's gimmicky, and at its worst it can be downright painful, but in the right context 3D can elevate, and literally bring a new dimension, to certain experiences. And that's certainly the case with Yuki Matsueda's artwork.

Although Matsueda makes no mention of the materials used, or his methods, we're going to assume he employs a thermally-moulded clear acrylic to achieve the unique "jumping-off-the-wall" effect in his pieces. The results bring traditional 2D images and objects into the 3rd dimension in a humorous and whimsical way that tickles the brain like a good pun, or a bag filled with modelling glue.

Both far less headache-inducing than sitting through a 3D feature in the theatre.

[Yuki Matsueda via Buzzfeed]

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