The Official Facebook For iPad Is Finally Here [Updated]

After sneak peaks and mysteriously long delays, the official Facebook app for iPad is finally here. Goodbye crappy Facebook iPad apps, goodbye non-touch friendly website and say hello to wasting more time on so-called friends!

Update: And it's live! At least, in the Australian iTunes store it is. You should be able to download it by following this link.

It looks pretty much like the same Facebook iPad app that was previewed in July which means there's a familiar (for those who use the iPad) left-hand column for simple navigation of the News Feed, Photos, Messages, Groups, Apps, Settings, Chat and more. Facebook Photos on the iPad look especially good (something Facebook has trouble with on their website) because they go full screen and can be zoomed in and swiped. Facebook games can also be played full screen and the iPad app supports AirPlay for Facebook videos as well.

The official Facebook app is supposed to be out already but it's not in the app store quiiteee yet. We'll update the post as soon as we get the link. Note: It's supposed to be a universal iOS update. [NY Times]

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