The Business Self-Defence Kit Is A Mugger's Worst Nightmare

Who knew you could cram so much violence into a tiny little package the size of a deck of cards? I mean, beyond just a wicked knife? Meet "The Business". It's a credit card concept that's five kinds of deadly.

The Business is designed for this scenario: you're coming home late at night and you feel someone's quickening footsteps creeping up behind you. Maybe it's just someone in a hurry, but if it's a mugger, you're either prepared or you're out a wallet, a driver's licence and all your credit cards. Maybe that's a little paranoid. But you know what the best cure for paranoia is? Hidden knives and pepper spray!

Hoang Nguyen and Anh Nguyen modelled The Business on the Victorinox SwissCard — a multi-tool that fits in your wallet. Instead of a nail file and a toothpick, each "card" inside the wallet-sized kit is a pain-inducing weapon designed to put an attacker on their arse. The kit includes pepper spray, brass knuckles, a pocket knife and even a whistle in the event that getting physical isn't an option. None of these weapons looks dangerous enough to kill anyone, but they'll definitely cause enough carnage to make sure you can make a clean get away. Now some intrepid manufacturer needs to take a stand for night owls everywhere and make The Business a reality. [Creative Sessions via Technabob]

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