The Avengers Wasn't Shot On An iPhone At All

Some things are too fancy sounding to be true. The reports that bits of The Avengers were shot on an iPhone? Totally untrue, according to the cinematographer. Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey now states that he was misquoted by the Hollywood Reporter when it was said that parts of The Avengers, including sections of the trailer, were shot on an iPhone.

I was talking about how up and coming film makers have access to a whole range of new technologies which expand our options as filmmakers. I mentioned that the iPhone and the Canon 5d Mk2 were devices currently used on many Hollywood productions. I used the Canon on some shots on Marvel's The Avengers movie. Unfortunately, this was edited to read that I shot some of the film with the iPhone. This is not true."

On the plus side, it means I can watch the trailer again. There's certainly less pleasant ways to kick off a Monday morning.

[Comic Book Movie via The Next Web]

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