Telstra's iPhone 4S Pricing Unveiled [Updated]

What is it with telcos and releasing iPhone plans at odd times of the day or night? Telstra's started Wednesday morning early by announcing its iPhone 4S plan details ahead of Friday's 8am launch.

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As could be predicted, Telstra's not giving up its position as a premium carrier; it's fair to say that if you want a cheap iPhone 4S, Telstra's not the company to opt for — but then there's a coverage story there as well. At the time of writing, Telstra hasn't updated its iPhone website with pricing, but expect that to change at some point during the day. Like Vodafone, there's no option for a 12-month plan as yet, making Optus your only choice if you want a 12-month contract. Gus at Lifehacker's once again done the work of assembling the plans into a handy table; as they're identical for business and consumer purposes there's just the single table.


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