Telstra And Vodafone To Share The Nexus Prime?

Two versions of Samsung's Nexus Prime have turned up on the Wi-Fi Alliance site — GT-i9250M and GT-i9250T — as part of their Wi-Fi certification. In terms of differing specifications, there's not much to say, but it does suggest the smartphone could be offered by Vodafone and Telstra when it eventually arrives.

Ausdroid engaged in some extensive collaborative sleuthing and identified the following:

Telstra's Samsung devices usually sport the T after their codenames due to them having 850MHz 3G, these devices sometimes go to Canada as well, as they use 850MHz on their networks, however, the GT-i9250M is going to Canada according to Android Police. We also know that the i9100T went to Telstra and over in Thailand it went to True Move (I recommend them if you travel there) whom also use 850MHz.

This collection of odds and ends amounted to the conclusion that Vodafone, while the Nexus's primary carrier, may not have exclusive dibs on the Prime when it arrives in Australia.

It's definitely in the "high rumour" category at this stage, but the points made are intriguing.

Image: TechTricksWorld

Nexus Prime (GT-i9250T) pops up at Wi-Fi Alliance — Does this mean it’s coming to Telstra as well as Vodafone? [Ausdroid]

Thanks Adrian!



    hahaha you're welcome for the tip guys xD

    Don't forget Vodafone are in the process of rolling out a 850 Mhz network, so 850 is not exclusive to Telstra (even though they tweaked the number of channels I believe).
    If you believe Vodafone has exclusive on the device elsewhere in the world, it might be a good stunt for them to say they have 850Mhz as well in Australia and look at this great 850Mhz device...

    Thanks adrian, quite keen on this.

    Does that mean 4G telstra? :P
    Saves me importing one

    I really hope this is true, my nexus s is starting to stuff up on me and I really want to switch to telstra but they have nothing I want at the moment. :(

    you mention that you reccomend true move if you visit thailand, they suck. use smile (managed by true move but cheaper) if you go there

    The i9100T is the Galaxy S2. This is the model Vodafone has right now. Its the model i have

    I hope this is true, as after the complete shambles the Vodafone network has been for the last few years, I am waiting for my Nexus One contract to run out, then heading for Telstra with the Prime hopefully...

    Wonder when will my Nexus S will get ICS after it is anounced. If Google is seroius about Android, I expect my Nexus S to be running Android 4.0 by the end of October.

      Mate, the Nexus isnt out until mid-November, so October is a dream. I imagine it would be around December, although i'm sure you will be able to get a cooked rom around the same time as the Nexus release date.

    I really hope this is true. I'm definitely swapping to Telstra at the end of the year, and i've been dreaming of this phone for a very long time. It would be great if Telstra have it, and fantastic if it was at a competitive rate.

    Agree with above comments, would love to leave Vodafone for Telstra with the Prime replacing my Nexus One.

    I'm with optus but wanting to change to telstra and I just PRAY that they take on the nexus... I have been with Vodaphone once before but changed ASAP. I don't get signal back at my home town because it's to regional for Vodaphone (not stable). I really really want the Prime!! :D PLEASE TELSTRA!!!!!

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