Sony PlayStation 3 TV Will Be Exclusive To Harvey Norman

Sony PlayStation 3 TV Will Be Exclusive To Harvey Norman

Screenplay has a great interview with Sony Australia’s Michael Ephraim discussing, among other things, the uptake of 3DTV and the difficulties facing the 3DS. He also revealed that Sony’s swish $700 PlayStation 3D display, which allows gamers to play split screen games on a full screen via 3D glasses, will only have a limited test release in Australia – through Harvey Norman.

According to Ephraim, Sony is using this limited launch to test the market.

“We’re going to test it because it is innovative technology. We really wanted to test it before we made a big commitment because it’s not like a Memory Stick kind of product, there are long lead times on manufacturing, high price,” said Ephraim.

“I can tell you that we will sell it initially exclusively through Harvey Norman. It is Harvey Norman embracing new technology and us having a partner there that we can test it with.

“If it goes extremely well, we’ll keep supporting it. It is a high ticket price item and there is 3D TVs out there, we just want to make sure there’s a market for it.”

Harvey Norman seems like a strange partner for what is essentially a niche display aimed at gamers, but Sony Australia has had a stories relationship with Harvey Norman as a retailer – holding their main PlayStation 3 midnight launch at one of its stores back in March 2007.

Still, it doesn’t seem like the ideal testing ground for such the device…

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