Private Bond-Style Supervillain Island For Sale

Ever wanted your own private island, perfect for scheming to take over the world? Here's one — a snip at only $US3 million. Lasers and shark pools not included.

Every once in a while I catch myself daydreaming about becoming a Bond villain. Let's face it, right up until the moment you plunge screaming into the explosion, life is pretty sweet with curvaceous jumpsuit clad ladies aplenty, a cat to keep your lap warm and, of course, world domination just one stolen nuclear bomb away. But where to get started?

Private Islands Magazine (yeah, I wasn't a reader previously either) reports on the first thing that I'd need to accomplish my world domination dreams; a private island retreat that I could start my quest for world domination from. It's not even particularly subtle about its purpose, given it's called "Savage Jungle Island".

Sure, it doesn't come with preinstalled laser death mines, although it is noted as having 26 waterfalls which I guess could make do as death traps in a pinch. The current economy means that deals to buy the island — in Patagonia, South Chile — have recently fallen through, and it could be mine for only $US3 million or so. Anyone want to pass the hat around? [Private Islands via Born Rich]

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