NSW RTA Road Testing iPhone Speed App

NSW RTA Road Testing iPhone Speed App

The Australian reports that the NSW RTA’s in the process of developing an iPhone-specific speed application due to roll out by mid-next year.

Speed is definitely a problem on Australian roads, and the RTA’s latest tactic is to develop an iPhone application that’ll correlate user road position with the roughly 118,000 known speed markers across some 186,000km of roads and warn you if you’re going over the speed limit. That’s a challenging prospect even for well-travelled city roads, but once you go rural it gets even tougher; the paper quotes the NSW Road Traffic Authority’s principal safety analyst, John Wall as saying that

It’s those local roads out in rural areas that are providing a bit of a challenge in terms of the accuracy of the maps”

For now it’s iPhone-only, but they’re looking at the possibility of delivering an Android app later down the track. Blackberry users are plumb out of luck; there’s no plans for you, and Windows Phone 7 doesn’t even score a mention. [The Australian]

Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images