Microsoft Makes Great Gobs Of Cash Despite Sluggish PC Growth

Microsoft's posted record first fiscal quarter revenue, bagging $US17.37 billion on the way to $US5.74 billion of net earnings. The usual suspects — Office, Servers and Tools, Xbox — did gangbusters, while Microsoft glazed over Bing and Windows Phone. Business as usual!

Also of note: Skype, which has officially been fully assimilated by the Microborg, will be considered part of the company's Devices and Entertainment division, which could indicate that you'll be seeing video chat in your WP7 and Kinect sooner than later.

One area of some concern was PC growth, which was a disappointing 2 per cent in the quarter, according to Microsoft's Bill Koefoed. Details as to why, and to what extent that's a problem for Ballmer's merry band, should reveal themselves during Microsoft's earnings call later today. [Microsoft]

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