Mansion With Baseball Diamond Proves They Don't Always Come

Why spend thousands of dollars on World Series tickets for a game that's going to end in a couple of hours, when you can put that money towards a real investment like this multi-million dollar estate that comes complete with a private baseball diamond?

It turns out that if you build it, they don't always come. So this sprawling 980sqm+ home on a 73 acre lot in Castle Rock, Colorado, has been put up for sale by its disappointed owners. Built just 12 years ago, the estate is ready to be snatched up by an MLB or Kevin Costner aficionado for just shy of four million dollars. Besides your own private baseball diamond and occasional visits by James Earl Jones, the estate includes six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a seven-car garage and even accommodation for a stallion or two. Reunions with your long deceased grandfather aren't guaranteed, but the plumbing certainly is. [1275 Castle Pointe Drive via Curbed]

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