Lunchtime Deal: Sony Blu-ray Player & Star Wars IV-VI $148

Now this is some sensible bundling; the good Star Wars movies and a Sony Blu-ray player to play them on for $148 at Big W. It's a catalogue special that doesn't appear to be being offered online, but at least it's Jar-Jar free. The only downside is that the split packs of the Star Wars movies don't come with all the nifty extra features. [Big W via OzBargain]


    LOL this model isn't even on Sony Australia website yet :S
    Waiting for a review of it, but really, if it's just outputting the bits from a disc, what could possibly be different to a more expensive model? (serious question that).

      Could have a cheap low quality audio/video chip in there, I'd doubt it could be as good quality as one of the best ones. I understand your point, but surely theres more to it than that. Also, it may have less outputs or a crapper/slow menu or even a slow read speed, which trust me, really sucks.

    I've got both a PS3 and one of Sony's earlier Blu-ray players (not first generation but still a couple years old now). The load time for a Blu-ray in the old player is incredibly frustrating, to the point I'll often move the PS3 to the TV I want to watch the movie on rather than use the player that's already there. For this price you'd expect some compromises on speed.

    wow $148 value.. it makes the $20 i paid at the video store to hire and rip look cheap... mmm 30GB each

      love renting blu's, too bad my local store shut down :/ f-ing piracy.

    not very impressed with the video quality on the blu-ray star wars. can't really tell it apart from dvd except for there is more noise. a lot more noise given the sharpness of the picture. i think it is actually a downgrade from dvd

    Review here

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