Locking Handbag Thwarts Pickpockets

The best way to protect yourself from pickpockets and thieves is to ensure you don't look like an easy target. So maybe it's time to upgrade that trendy gaping shoulder bag you carry with this secure alternative that requires you to know the secret combination before it will even open.

It's made from Tonka-tough co-polymer plastic, so not only is it harder to penetrate than leather or other fabrics, it's also dirt and waterproof, making it ideal for securing your sunscreen at the beach. The PVC-coated braided steel handle is an even more formidable challenge for would-be thieves, and because it can be removed on one end when the $US40 bag's combination lock has been opened, it can be looped around shopping carts, public benches or anywhere a quick snatch and grab is possible.

It might not be the ideal or most convenient fashion accessory if you need quick access to the stuff you're carrying, but as long as it keeps your paranoia in check, who cares?

[Curiosite via GeekAlerts]

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