Leaks: The Windows Phones Nokia Is Announcing Tomorrow

WinRumors got its hands on the screenshots of marketing materials for the two Windows Phone handsets Nokia will announce tomorrow. And it looks like they may be just what WP fans have hoped for.

According to the screens, the Lumia 800 (previously known as Sea Ray) has 512MB RAM, no uSD card slot, and 116.5mm x 61.2mm x 12.1mm. The Lumia 710 (Sabre) which only just surfaced last week, also has 512MB RAM, 8GB onboard storage, and is 119mm x 62.4mm x 12.5mm.

There's a lot riding on these handsets for Microsoft, Nokia, and Windows Phone fans alike. Given how closely the Lumia 800 seems to resemble the certified gorgeous Nokia N9, they might be enough to solidify the nascent platform as a viable third option in the smartphone wars. They don't look perfect, though: No uSD card slot (for either model, from the looks of the blurry screens) kind of stinks for a non-iPhone, and those dimensions are kind of clunkish, even for a damn pretty phone like the 800.

We'll find out for sure later today. [WinRumors]

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