Iris For Android: Kind Of Like Siri, But For Android

Have an Android phone? Jealous of Siri? Probably not. But if you are! There's a new application called Iris (Siri backwards, heh) that kind of, sort of emulates what Siri does. You tap a mic, you talk and Iris responds to you.

What's it do?

Let's be honest here, Android has always had an emphasis on voice control in its OS but it's never been as converational as Siri is for the iPhone 4S. Iris, which was amazingly completed in eight hours by Android dev Narayan Babu and his team at Dexetra, is a heckuva more conversational. It understands the questions you ask by voice and then spits out answers back at you. It's not always accurate (neither is Siri) but it's only in alpha and has a pretty good sense of humour about itself. You can have a general conversation with Iris or ask her questions about science, history, culture and more. Iris doesn't seem to have any maths skills but she's quick on the draw with Wikipedia responses (which is all I really want).

Why do we like it?

The app isn't nearly as useful as Siri, it's also a lot slower than Siri but it's proof that the Android dev community is amazing. That's more or less the reason I love Iris, Android devs can get inspired from an idea and turn it around into a usable app in no time. Iris does a pretty good job in understanding what I'm saying, which is great! But it doesn't do as good a job processing my question into a relevant answer. When I asked what 5+5 was, it responded "the audio work by Kit Clayton vs Safety Scissors". Basic, simpler and non-math queries work decently well but you shouldn't expect it to solve the harder questions (though it'll be funny!). It flashes the potential every now and again though.


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    It took the developers 8 hours to make the alpha release. Pretty amazing!

    Completed in 8 hours? I kinda doubt that. What I'm more willing to believe is that it was already in development and they pushed polishing (and renaming it, tongue-in-cheek-style) and releasing.

    Something like Iris is far too complex and nuanced to just bash out like a bunch of heavily caffienated uni students... but... I'll be happily proven wrong.

    It’s awesome that they’ve made this, and how quickly it was done – but I won’t be downloading it. I didn’t see me using Siri if I had access to it, and I don’t see me using Iris now that I do have access. Who wants to talk to their phones in public? Dumb!

      You realise the main function of a telephone is to be spoken into?

        The funny thing is, many people would disagree nowadays. :D

    Somebody put Iris and Siri together and make them have a conversation

    If you have an Android phone and dont like Iris, try Voice Actions:

    they wouldn't be developing the core. the chance is the core functions, such as the voice to text and the AI response are already available as API, they just jigsaw puzzle them together and implement something like online search of keywords.

    still good effort though.

    Iris seems to work well. Its clearly an alpha version that needs refinement and it is slow (Vodafone 3G probably explains why) but information innaccuracy is not excusable. I asked who is the prime minister of australia and it came back with Kevin Michael Rudd (if i could upload a screenshot i would) It read the answer which is an improvement on Siri

    This is awesome!

    It gets 50% of what I'm saying wrong, and doesn't do what I want it too, but god it's funny!

    Which is the only reason I downloaded it. I wouldn't use siri or anything like it for real, just for shits and giggles.

    Uh...I asked it what year Star Trek premiered. It said 1999. O.o
    (At least the REAL moon landing dates are correct!)

    I like how it's filled with Engrish.

    Dont know why people think Siri is such a breakthrough. Wasn't Eliza invented in the 60s? Granted she wasn't that intelligent but things have come a long way since. Oh wait I just realised the answer to my first statement. Because Apple said so.

    My son asked IRIS if God exists (nothing like having a philisophical chat on theology and existentialism with your phone).

    Son: Does God exist?
    IRIS: Yes
    Son: How do you know that God exists?
    IRIS: Because the Bible tell us so.
    Son: Who made God?
    IRIS: (After a very long pause) Bill Gates

    TROLOLOLOLOL I knew he was powerful, but man...
    (And what does that make the late Steve Jobs?)

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