iPod Nano Teardown Reveals New Processor, Solid State Drive

Just a few days after we first saw the new fitness-centric iPod Nano, iFixit has already exposed its guts. Turns out the new Nano didn't just get a UI upgrade—it got some new hardware too.

The product tweaks on the new Nano include an Apple processor and a new SanDisk flash drive to replace the old Toshiba one. In both cases the components don't have notable spec improvements, but they'll probably improve performance a smidge. Much of the other hardware like the 240-by-240 pixel multitouch display has stayed to same. Don't expect any of this to matter more than the nice software update and the price drop. [Apple Insider via iFixit]


    Disappointing to see a gadget site call an SSD a hard drive....

    Since when is a flash memory chip called a hard drive ?

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