iPhone 4S Launch Day: What Did The Queue Look Like?

iPhone 4S Launch Day: What Did The Queue Look Like?

After 18 months of anticipation, the iPhone 4S launched today, and buyers in Australia were the first in the world to get their hands on Apple’s latest smartphone. Giz gave you the chance to jump the queue last night, and early this morning I set off to photograph the launch as it happened.

The day started at 6am. I frankly would have rather liked to be in bed (because it was early; I’ve not given up on my lust for gadgets), but instead, the lure of the crowds (or lack thereof) drew me into Sydney’s CBD.

Apple Store

This is what the queue looked like at 6:00am. Busy, but dark.

A couple of hours later, the queue stretches around the block.

Can’t have an Apple launch without clapping. Three floors of clapping, stomping and singing “We Will Rock You”, as it happens.

One second to go. Apple’s doors opened fractionally ahead of Telstra’s, although I’m not sure if that’s down to clock error or Apple’s insistence.

The first two in the Apple line — Sydney schoolboys Tom and Wil are impossible to approach for interview right now; frankly I’m risking getting a TV camera in the face getting this shot.



Telstra’s first customer was Paul Francisco. No interview, sadly — I was over the road jostling with TV media. (Picture: Telstra)


Not much of a queue — but it is early.

First in line at Optus: 33 year old Jeff Taylor from St Leonards. He wanted to be one of the first Aussies to ask Siri what the weather was. Not exactly the meaning of life, but hey, good on ya Jeff — thanks for letting Giz chat with you.



Here’s Vodafone’s store — just over the road from Optus, as it happens.

First in line at Vodafone: 32 year old Xavier from Pyrmont (not shown). He also thought Siri was a killer feature, but hadn’t thought about what he might ask it. A chin scratch later, “Maybe I’ll ask if it’ll rain”. Seems there’s a general weather theme here (sure isn’t sunny in Sydney this morning).

Slightly more folk, although picking security from queue is tough.

The queue has grown nicely just before 8am.

On the inside looking out.

By way of comparison, here’s the queue for the $2 Samsung Galaxy S II