HTC's Sensational Trio Of Phones Heading To Vodafone

The Sensation XL, Sensation XE and Explorer will all be Vodafone exclusives by year's end. The carrier's also picking up the original Sensation along the way. CNET Australia reports that Vodafone's snapped up a number of handsets that haven't been launched in Australia previously, although specific detail is at this stage a little light on the ground; it's not yet clear if the XL and XE models will be exclusives, or when they'll launch. The XL is a phone clearly designed to make the Galaxy Nexus feel small; while it lacks Ice Cream Sandwich, it's just marginally larger with a 4.7-inch display. The story also notes that Vodafone will also start offering the original HTC Sensation, as well as the very entry-level HTC Explorer, which will sell to customers outright for $179. [CNET Australia]

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