Has Australia's Love Affair With Social Networking Peaked?

You know how it is. You meet the being of your dreams, and you're wildly, crazily, foolishly in love. But then the pink mist rises, and while you're still keen, the buzz has faded somehow. Apparently, that's an apt description of how Australians are with social networking. The data comes from a Comscore report that looks at Australian online media usage. It's still clear that we love social networking, with the activity taking top place in the per cent share of total online minutes.

The thing is, that figure hasn't appreciably changed since last year, whereas the category jumped a solid five per cent in the year before. There's one major gap in those stats, though, as it notes that it doesn't track public computers (Internet cafes and the like), which is fair enough, but equally it doesn't measure smartphone use. I suspect I do more social networking on my phone than my PC. Has usage peaked, or are we all just taking up smartphone-based social instead? [Comscore via The Next Web]


    I think my biggest problem with it is fragmentation, and too much white-noise on Facebook.

    Every man and his dog is on Facebook, and honestly – I’m just not interested in about 80% of things my FB friends post. I’ll flick through Facebook and Twitter on my Android via TweetDeck, but more often than not, it’s to keep an eye on news and a bit of goss. Google+ looked a little promising, but it’s become a graveyard over the last few months.

    pink mist is what comes out the exit hole when you shoot someone in the head. i don't know how that reference works in your intro.

      Affair gone horribly wrong, obviously.

        Had many go wrong then, he asks slowly backing away and feeling for the door!

      I thought it was when a woman farts out her front bum

    Obviously I facebooked and tweeted this article.

    Oh, we can only hope.

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