Giant Glowing Mouse Is Sure To Make You The Prince Of Pranks

Can you imagine the look on your co-worker's face when they discover you've swapped their regular mouse with this hi-larious giant alternative from crapfactory Brando? You'll be a pranking genius? Or a complete and utter fool for wasting $US20 on this.

Once again Brando manages to leave us completely baffled with a product that has no real target demographic, save for towering NBA stars and those who couldn't successfully prank someone with an electrified pranking machine. In its defence, the mouse does actually work, but includes a set of glowing blue LEDs surrounding the base that seem like a last ditch effort to justify its existence other than just being completely stupid.

Still not sold? I guarantee this slick promo video showcasing the mouse in all its blinking glory will have you whipping out your credit card in no time. [Brando via Technabob]

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