Genius Handicapped Man Carves Smartphone Dock Into Fake Arm

Genius Handicapped Man Carves Smartphone Dock Into Fake Arm

Some would say if you only had one arm, you’re handicapped. I would like to tell those accusing people that they lack imagination. Think about the versatility you gain! Instead of having an arm, you can have a hook, a tentacle or even a smartphone dock embedded in your prosthetic!

That’s what wild imagination possessing Trevor Prideaux did. Prideaux, who was born without his left arm, always had trouble finding a position to comfortably use his phone–he would either have to balance it on his prosthetic arm or place it flat on a table, neither of which was convenient to do. So he pitched the idea of embedding a dock for his Nokia C7 (Nokia?!) inside his fibreglass and laminate prosthetic limb.

Technicians at Exeter Mobility centre created a cast of Prideaux’ Nokia phone and built a new prosthetic limb to those specifications. It worked just as Prideaux wanted. He told the Telegraph:

This phone is slightly narrower than an iPhone and has both a qwerty and alphanumeric board, which is easier for me to use. My Nokia C7 sits within my forearm, between my stump socket and the single knob rotary that holds my limb attachments in place. Now when I get call I can either hold my arm up to my ear or put it on speaker phone. I can also take it out if I need to. Texting is also much easier and a lot safer.

See! Versatility. You free up a pocket, have your phone always accessible and live in a futuristic reality where your prosthetic arm is smarter than a dumb fleshy one. I like your creativity Mr. Prideaux, I like it a lot. [Telegraph UK]