The First Cool-Looking BlackBerry Isn't Even Made By RIM

When was the last time you cared about a piece of BlackBerry hardware? 2003? Never? Your last malarial fever dream? Maybe today, at the sight of Porsche's limited edition, $US2000 P9981. It's kinda nice-looking! And stupidly, prohibitively expensive.

So what do you get for two grand, besides spotty service and a seat on a hot new class action lawsuit? A 1.4GHz processor, stainless steel face, leather back, a feeling of tenuous superiority and an exclusive BBM PIN. If that last part appeals to you, die. Pick up your P9981 at the nearest Porsche Design Store, which I'm sure are plentiful around the world. Then, you can do all sorts of Exclusive Porsche BlackBerry things, like cutting giant coke lines and slicing poor people. [RIM via CrackBerry]

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