Do Tech Exec Trading Cards Have Business Stats On The Back?

Was Steve Jobs the comeback player of the year in 2001? Was Jeff Bezos rookie of the year? Who won the batting title? What's the equivalent of winning a Golden Glove award? Who is Ted Leonsis???

The Net Moguls trading card series was put together by the venerable online 'zine, which featured snarky commentary on the likes of Jerry Yang, Tim Berners-Lee, Eric Schmidt (pre-Google, no less), Larry Ellison and Nicholas Negroponte.

But what's perhaps even more interesting are the execs here who have faded into obscurity (and/or retirement). I mean 15 years is a long time, but it isn't thaaaat long of a time. But did G.M. O'Connell have the same stature that, say, Reed Hastings has now? Will Hastings end up like O'Connell in 15 years? [Suck via Kottke]

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