DJ Hero Turned Into A Giant Etch-A-Sketch

What do you do with game accessories for a franchise that didn't exactly set the world on fire? Before sending them off for recycling, you could always opt to do something different — like turning them into a huge etch-a-sketch and MAME controller. DJ Hero didn't turn out to be the franchise that Activision hoped it would be; I've seen no shortage of discounted DJ Hero sets in stores recently, with the price dipping ever lower every time I wander past. Somebody's got to do something with all that circular plastic, and over at Hack A Day, somebody has. User [Ryan] hacked two DJ Hero turntables into, of all things, a massive TV based etch-a-sketch. All fun and games I suppose — until somebody gets the unlucky job of having to get off the sofa and shake the TV to clear the screen. If you don't fancy all that heavy lifting, it's also possible to use them for some sweet MAME gaming action. [Hack A Day]

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