Daily Desired: This Watch Knows The Time At Your Final Destination

Swatch group makes a lot of fine watches, but aside from its colourful plastic offerings, your options are basically multi-thousand dollar investments. This new watch provides a nice middle ground for someone stepping up their game.

Released earlier this year, the Hamilton UTC is the latest iteration in the brand's "Khaki" line of watches inspired by the military watches of the 1940s. The vintage design is classy and understated, but you still get a precision Swiss automatic movement under the hood. Since that new job of yours has you travelling a lot, the UTC's got a hand that will tell you the time wherever it is that you're going. The hand corresponds to a window that displays the three-letter airport code for a city in each of the world's timezones. Turn the crown until the city your destination shows up, and the hand tells you what time it is. At $US1400, the UTC costs more than some of the simpler Khaki designs, but you're moving on up, so that doesn't matter, right? [Hamilton]

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