Daily Desired: Make Your Apple Products Shimmer Like Carbon Fibre

From an aesthetic point of view, draping Apple products in carbon fibre is a staggeringly obvious idea. Staggeringly expensive too — Apple's never gotten past a concept. But if you can't have carbon fibre iProducts, here's the next best thing.

Carbon fibre Magic produces vinyl carbon fibre-esque coverings for your Apple products, which simulate the textured look and feel of the exceedingly popular design material. So far the company can accentuate three of Apple's most common accessories: the Bluetooth Keyboard ($US12), Bluetooth Trackpad ($US14) and Magic Mouse ($US29). You can install the coverings for the trackpad and keyboard yourself, but you need to send your Magic Mouse in to be properly fitted. Faux carbon fibre outfits for MacBook, iPad and iPhone are on their way as well.

It's not all about making your Magic Mouse look like a coveted futuristic space weapon either — the company claims that the textured vinyl actually improves the functionality of Apple's meticulously designed touch interfaces. Go figure! We would have settled for prettiness. [Carbon fibre Magic via Hypebeast]

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