Cut Price Space Travel To Rival Virgin Galactic

Keen on a quick space trip, but can't afford the $200,000 that Virgin Galactic wants for a seat? A cheaper alternative offers the same kind of thrills for less than half the price — and you even get to fly the spaceship.

Space Expedition Curacao is offering suborbital flights for the cut price figure of $95,000 — that's cut-price compared to the $200,000 that a Virgin Galactic flight will cost you, unless you happen to be the pilot. In the case of the Lynx spaceship, there's only room for two, so you are the co-pilot. In theory, this type of flight could get you from Sydney to London in around two hours — if your stomach can handle the free-fall, that is.

Anyone not feeling nervous about this proposition may want to hurry; Space Expedition Curacao's website notes that it's only offering up an initial 100 places, and 35 of those have already gone according to the UK Telegraph. [Space Expedition Curacao via Telegraph via]

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