Black Keys Fans Wondering Why Microsoft Is At Their Concert

So there was a wildly successful Black Keys concert in Seattle the other day featuring some Microsoft products. Or was it a Microsoft Windows store launch featuring the Black Keys? Did people even know Microsoft was involved?

I kid Microsoft, really I do, but when people are camping outside your new store on launch day and they are doing it solely because of the band and your retail experience isn't even a blip on the radar something is slightly amiss, right? I mean, these events should excite people about the products and get that branding stuck in their heads, not serve as an easy way to see a free blue concert.

As TechCrunch rightly notes, Microsoft products are undeniably everywhere. Entire corporations depend on Outlook, Excel and Power Point (and more) to make things run. If these products suddenly disappeared, businesses would collapse catastrophically. But when it comes to marketing, the company falls flat more often than not.

Without a free Black Keys concert, for example, do you really think anyone in Seattle would have noticed this new store at all? [TechCrunch]


    Microsoft hire a new PR team this was so pathetic.

    If that is what a fan of this band looks like, then I am glad I have never heard of them. Sounds like the kind of music one needs to stand around in a circle and jerk off to. That being said, I have never been a fan of the music companies use tto try and be "hip".

      Wow, you're an idiot!

    Wow what an extreme fail. Sadly I think the worst part was the opening of the store, which looked quite Apple-esque and which about two people in the audience clapped.

    Why not just open the store? Why try and copy and compete (to confirm, I mean copy and compete in the opening of the store, not the store itself) when you currently have small status in the retail industry. Wait a few years and then try and get a real crowd at least.

    Not always. Microsoft used a song from the first Gang of Four album on one of their Kinect ads. For me, that is a level of street cred no other software company could ever hope to reach. Ever.

      Sorry, that was meant to be a reply to Michael's post about the kind of music companies use to promote their products. For some reason. Gizmodo always bumps me out of the reply box a few seconds after I start typing and this time it actually moved me back in my browser history for some reason. (I just had to re-type the first sentence of this post.) It happens on all my computers, in both IE and Firefox.

    I can remember when Harvey Norman used to open up at midnight so that people could be first to get their Win95/98/Me upgrades and they always seemed to get good media coverage and a decent crowd. Now Apple gets all the coverage.

      I remember that, my dad got win 95 on launch night, if i recall they actually opened early (or perhaps he got it the next day), but spent 3 hours upgrading 3.11 to 95 but it was way past my bed time so had to wait till after school the next day to play with it.

      I still have some of the free software they bundled with it.

    I don't see what the problem is? It's a PR stunt, but more importantly a celebration for the opening of a new store - what is more suited to these things than having a live band? It's easy to talk smack about any PR stunts, I mean what's with the people running out of the Apple Store when the iPad's came out? Now that was lame.

      I think you missed the point where no-one was there for the store opening, everyone was there because of free tickets to see a band. People go to an Apple Store opening for the Apple store, not a band.

    Microsoft have become such a desperate company, it's amazing.

    The only thing pathetic here is gizmodo and their teeny bopper readers.

    What better way to create awareness than getting 10,000 - 20,000 people through your doors, regardless of whether they buy anything or not.

    P.S The Black Keys rock.

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