Audyssey's LES Dock Is Affordable AirPlay Awesome

We love AirPlay. Audyssey's consistently put out some really solid compact speakers. But the former was frustratingly absent from the latter. Not anymore! The LES dock sounds as great as we'd expect, with the (overdue) bonus of AirPlay wireless.

The thing even looks pretty damn good too, with a minimalist form, understated colouring, and a slim enough body to wedge onto a bookshelf or desk. Even though it's diminutive, it's still got enough oomph to fill a room with sound that's decently rich given its source, even in the far less than acoustically ideal room in which I first heard it. I wouldn't say this will replace anyone's home theatre by any means, but it'll probably be great for any room you want your music in, pushing two 1-inch tweeters, two 3-inch mid woofers, and two 4-inch passive radiators, from any device you're carrying. Check for it next month at $US350—a hell of a lot less than the B&W Zeppelin. [Audyssey]

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