Apple Australia Pricing For iPhone 4S, iPod Nano And Touch

Apple's local website rather predictably went down during the announcements this morning, but it's back up (albeit a little spotty) right now, and with it, the local pricing for the iPhone 4S, new iPod nano and touch models has appeared.

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Not much more to report than the prices. The new iPhone 4S (outright) will cost you $799 for the 16GB version, $899 for 32GB or $999 for the new 64GB variant. iPhone 4 survived the cull, albeit only in an 8GB version, which will cost $679 unlocked, and the surprise news that the iPhone 3GS also survives means it's still available too, at $449.

On the Pod side of things, the 8GB iPod nano costs $149, the 16GB $169, while the iPod touch is $219 in 8GB, $329 in 32GB and $439 in 64GB. [Apple]

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