90 Per Cent Of Pirates Get Dismissed From Massive Hurt Locker Lawsuit

The biggest P2P lawsuit ever just got cut down to size. Voltage Pictures, the people behind The Hurt Locker has voluntarily dismissed 90 per cent of the 24,583 filesharers it sued this year, in what could be a big victory for either side.

The whole rigamarole started last year, when The Hurt Locker's producers first decided to go ahead with the landmark suit. Together with the US Copyright Group, Voltage sued 14,583 people, drawing comparisons to those fun RIAA anti-piracy lawsuits. The figure jumped to more than 24,000 earlier this year, and broke the record for most frivolous lawsuits filed in the process.

Now the suit is down to a little more than 2300 defendants, though some have been named in the case. It's just unclear how many of the 24,000-plus torrenters settled out of court. Voltage is still carrying on with the case. Presumably because they're sure they can suck more money out of it.


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