Your Internet Might Be Slow Because Of Bears

Your Internet Might Be Slow Because Of Bears

The New York Times has an interesting article today about how abysmally slow download speeds are in Idaho. It’s pretty bad out there! And made even worse by the occasional vicious bear attack.

The money quote:

Barry Ramsay, who owns a small manufacturing company here between two mountains, remembers the day his Internet connection crashed for several hours. Work crews had to ride up in snowmobiles to discover the problem.

“They said that bears had been rubbing against the towers,” Mr. Ramsay said.

Rubbing, Mr Ramsay? Or plotting, then clawing, then thwacking day-old salmon like an aluminium baseball bat against the bases of your precious internet-serving towers?

Just a friendly reminder that there are bears out there, friends. And they hate our freedoms. [NYTimes via The Awl]

Video: @WillHines