Woz’s Greatest Foursquare Tips

Woz’s Greatest Foursquare Tips

Everyone knows that Steve Wozniak co-found Apple with Steve Jobs and that other guy everyone forgets about, and that he loves Segway polo. What you may not know is that Woz is a Foursquare guru.

In addition being mayor of the San Jose Outback Steakhouse and Hard Rock Cafe Lake Tahoe, Woz also shares some Foursquare tips that are helpful, heartwarming, and hilarious.

Here are some gems:

IHOP – Santa Clara

Skip the ‘white’ stuff for low carb b’fast

Outback Steakhouse – San Jose

Scrape breading off bloomin’ onion for low carb diets.

Marie Callender’s – Los Altos

Split Pea Soup on Tuesdays. Thick at this location.

The Old Spaghetti Factory – San Jose

The Mizithra cheese topping is the greatest but remember that you can order the Managers favourite and get 2 sauces on your spaghetti in case one isn’t perfect that day.

Folsom State Prison (FSP)

Best to arrive early. The granola here is really good!

As someone that’s concerned about his carb intake and loves a good thick soup, I thank you Mr Wozniak. That Folsom Prison tip, though, you never know when that might come in handy. [Foursquare]