World's Largest Sperm Bank Says No To Redheads

Cryos, a Danish network of international sperm banks and the largest one of its kind, has officially stopped taking sperm from redheaded guys. Despite an overall increase in donations, the demand for ginger sperm just isn't that high. Sorry, gingers.

Essentially, no one loves redheads sterile couples by and large don't want to make redhead babies. Cryos director Ole Schou even went on record to state that, unless a woman's partner was a ginger or she had a preference for red hair, he didn't see many people choosing red hair over other hair types. In fact, the only country where the specimens were running off the shelves was Ireland.

I just wonder how other hair colours factor into the mix. Platinum blonde can't be doing that much better can it? [Telegraph via Village Voice]


    Platinum blond is the only way thank you. I won't go near a chick thats not some shade of platinum blond...

      You know most of them aren't really platinum blonde, don't you? Unless you live in Scandanavia, of course.

    Once you go red... :)

      Once you go red,.. you end up dead?! Actually I believe in my experience at least, that red heads have terrible tempers! #]

        and no souls too, at least thats what iv heard.

        Thor the red (røde-thor) had a terrible temper, to this notion is say: someone must have heard internet commentators have racist tendencies. Disregarded both you and me there with my fellow swoop da woop generalizations.

    Very interesting. Makes me wonder exactly what other details they keep for the donors. So much comes down to how you're raised (nature vs. nurture) that I suppose you have to keep it to the basics that *are* determined (by and large) by genetics.

    Thanks Gizmodo, i've had this link posted to my facebook wall about 6 times today already.

    Whats fantastic is that if this article read "World's largest sperm bank says no to black people" they would have the biggest uprising on their hands in the history of Denmark.

      But at the same time it would still be fair enough if there wasn't demand. No company produces/sells something that isn't in demand, same would be applied here.

      They're allowed to pick and choose what they want. If X sperm isn't in demand, then they have every right to refuse it. If the black sperm PR disaster occurs, they'd just take the semen and probably flush it down the toilet just so they say they're accepting the stuff (but not necessarily using it)

    Poor old Thor was a red-head, the most famous one of all... before the comics Nazified him.
    The Danes really have divorced themselves from their heritage.Sad.

      Actually, Danes are darker, with sandy blond to dark greyish brown hair genetically and have a very low population of gingers. I believe you're mistaking us for Norwegians but hey, all us Scandinavians are the same huh? ;)

    So they're going to breed out red heads? I feel like a dying species :(

      it's shit isn't it? :(

    The best part is that red hair is recessive, so people that don't want to have red head kid can still get them, suckers.

      You are spot on. None of my 3 kids inherited my red hair (but I guess their kids might).

    Ireland will be the centre of all things red, first ireland then the world - hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa, hahhhaaa.....

    Well I for one hope to see gingers around for a long time into the future. You only have to look at Asian populations for a bleak example of what a lack of heterogeneity (in such traits as hair and eye colour) gets you.

    I don't have red hair, but personally I think it's an awesome trait. I'd rather be ginger with green eyes than lost among the clones with brown hair and brown eyes.

    I don't understand. I'm a red head and get a comment every day about how "beautiful" my hair is and how "people pay big bucks to have hair like mine" - and then this? Bugger it! Rangas are awesome.

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