What Is This?

Is it a still from Transformers 4: Megan Fox Returns? Maybe an artist's interpretation of the world splitting apart? Or HOLY CRAP is the world really splitting apart?! Sort of but not quite.

What you're looking at is a view of the Pakistan-India border from space. The stunning photo, which shows the orange floodlights and fence illuminating the contentious border, was captured on the ISS using a Nikon D3S digital camera with a 16mm lens. NASA says:

The ISS crew took the image as part of a continuous series of frames, each with a one-second exposure time to maximise light collection. Unfortunately, this also causes blurring of some ground features.

In the picture above, New Delhi, India is above the border and Islamabad, Pakistan is below it. Over a thousand kilometres are floodlighted like this and it goes to show how serious (and sad) the conflict between the two countries are. It's tattooed Earth. [NASA via Daily Mail]

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