What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

It’s been all about cables, competition, charlatans, coalitions and China in this week’s NBN news.

• The NBN’s only in a few trial areas, but it’s already being put to use, with VANREE Software Consultancy providing support services via the NBN to as far away as China. [ITWire]

• The issue of the structural separation of Telstra remains highly contentious. The Competitive Carrier’s Coalition wants the internal financial data from Telstra regarding the planned split move. Telstra states the information is too confidential to disclose. [ITWire]

• Another side of the NBN structural separation deal involves the forced shutdown of the technically-competing HFC setups built by Telstra and Optus. Professors Joshua Gans and Jerry Hausman state that it’ll lead to an entirely uncompetitive broadband landscape in the future.[ZDNet]

• The NBN isn’t all fibre; there will also be LTE components. Or perhaps not; a proposed bit of Greens legislation relating to the construction of mobile towers may heavily impact the deployment of NBN-friendly LTE. [ZDNet]

• The NBN picked up construction expertise, appointing Rick Turchini to its board [ARN]

• The online world’s a haven for charlatans — why should the NBN be any different? Apparently, there’s already fake-NBN installers on the prowl in Victoria. [Maroondah Leader]