VirusBarrier For iPhone: Protect Your iPhone By Scanning For Malware

VirusBarrier For iPhone: Protect Your iPhone By Scanning For Malware

iOS is pretty safe and secure, as there’s no known malware that’ll make your iPhone bug out and die. But! Your iPhone could act as a carrier to malware, bringing viruses to your computer without you even knowing. VirusBarrier puts a malware scanner on your iPhone so you never have to worry

What’s it do?

It’s a malware scanner on your iPhone. But because iOS limits what apps can do, VirusBarrier doesn’t autoscan your file system or run scheduled checks, instead when you receive an attachment in Mail, you can hold down on that attachment and “Open in VirusBarrier” to scan for malware. It’s another step to take, yes, but one can never too safe, you know? Additionally, VirusBarrier can scan other files on your iPhone, files on DropBox, MobileMe, FTP servers and more by just adding a remote location.

Why do we like it?

I’m not one to typically worry about viruses and malware and all that but for those who do, having that security blanket in VirusBarrier makes it a lot easier to sleep at night. Look, most of us aren’t dumb enough to click a link we shouldn’t be clicking anymore — it’s not 2001. However, I do get a lot of attachments in my emails these days and access random files from so many different points (Dropbox, FTP, etc), it’s easy to get lazy and careless. That’s why a virus checker needs to be even easier than being lazy and that’s what VirusBarrier is, every time I get an email attachment now, I just open that attachment in VirusBarrier first to run a malware scan. It works.


Download this app for:

The Best

You can never be too safe!

The Worst

iOS limitations (no automatic scan)