Toshiba's Quad-HD Glasses-Free 3D TV Displayed At IFA

I don't even like 3DTV, and I want one of these! Toshiba's somewhat redefining "top of the range" with its latest 3DTV, which promises 3D viewing and a resolution that borders on the ludicrous. The Toshiba ZL2 eschews glasses both passive and active for its 3D display technology. Instead, lenticular lenslets direct the light from the display panel to up to nine pairs of eyes without the need of any kind of optical headwear. It manages different users via inbuilt cameras that track positioning, which should deliver clean 3D images. I'm willing to bet that it'd still make me feel sick after only a short while, but your exposure tolerance may vary.

The panel itself is no slouch either, with a resolution of 3840x2160, making it 'quad-HD'. To put that in perspective, it's got twice the height and width of 1080p and four times the pixels. There's always a downside with this kind of product, and it's the price. Australian pricing isn't confirmed yet (it doesn't yet even have a release date here), but the European price is a cool €7999; at current exchange rates with tax, that'd equate to around $11,000.[TechCrunch]

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